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The retailers that cater to the Iranian-American community in Los Angeles ought to consider selling luggage straps. Whenever older naturalized Americans in that city visit the country of their birth, they frequently return with extra heavy luggage.

In 2006, an older lady, a resident of Los Angeles, returned from Iran with a jar of cherries in one of her bags. In 2010, the same woman flew into LAX with a bag of hardened whey in her suitcase. Both objects were quite heavy. Their weight made it difficult to carry the associated item of luggage.

So what should retailers look for, if they plan to offer top quality suitcase straps? First of all, those stretchable luggage holders should have secure, yet easy to work snaps. Such holders can be used to maintain the closure of a stuffed travel bag. Still, they should not resist an effort to open them, when the associated bag needs to be examined.

While top quality luggage straps normally stretch to fit the size of the bag on which they are placed. Still, those same straps ought to have dependable length adjusters. Those adjusters should not slip easily, thus lengthening whatever has been holding a particular bag together.

Sometimes a set of duffel bags could use a set of luggage straps. That would certainly be the case, if those bags lacked a conventional lock. Some luggage holders come with a lock. Some come with a removable card in a clear window.

Now if a businessperson happens to be traveling with a parent, then he or her might wonder about the suitability of using some type of holding device on any travel bag. That businessperson should know that a top quality holder normally has a card holder that matches with the size of the typical business card.

One final item to consider, if you plan to buy a strap for your suitcase concerns the identification of your bag. No travelers wants to loose his or her luggage. A personalized strap can help a traveler to detect a suitcase, as it comes down the expected chute at the airport.

Still, an older customer might not want to pay for personalized straps, when they would probably have only a limited use. Yet that same customer should be discouraged from seeking a holding strap that matches with his or her traveling bag. Instead, that item should have a distinctive look, one that would facilitate the identification of the desired piece of luggage.

Closing comments on these holding devices concerns the price of such items. As indicated above, older customers usually hesitate to buy anything that is very expensive. Any retailer that plans to carry stretchable straps for use on travel bags should make a point of offering those items at a reasonable price.

travel bag


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