A Paris Rendezvous


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Paris calls out to everyone's imagination like no other city does- the joi de vivre of Parisian streets, its lively sights and sounds, historical monuments, beautiful museums, are an enticing proposition to travelers around the world. Whether you have come here a dozen times or if it is your daily visit, does not really matter, this city will charm you every time you walk down its streets.

The oft quoted wonders of the city, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral or the Arc de Triomphe are undoubtedly "must visits", but there are countless treasures that the city has to offer, if only you strayed away from the tourist ridden path. Take a tour of the modern Paris, worlds away from the historical monuments the city boasts of- La Defense, or soak in the sights of the Val de Seine.

The picturesque river Seine is the life line of Paris, so a Boat Tour of the Seine is highly recommended. Paris is a city of culture, be sure to visit the world famous museums at least once during your stay. Of course, with many such museums dotted all over the city, it would seem to be a daunting task, but you must plan your time so that you visit the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay, the National Museum of Modern Art and the Center Georges Pompidou if not the others. The collections at these different museums here will give you a comprehensive knowledge about progression and history of Art and as is general knowledge, Paris has been and still is the nerve center for arts – performing as well as non-performing.

Strolling through the different districts of Paris will give you a sense of what the city is all about. Its delightful cafe culture will beckon you to sit at a table with a steaming cup. If you are a shopaholic, you cannot miss Avenue Montaigne; this is where all the beautiful designer stores are located loaded with the latest in fashion, whatever your tastes may be. Paris also boasts of some of the grandest hotels in the world and many of them are located in the central districts of Paris, such as the Ritz, and the George V, although there are numerous good quality hotels strewn all over the city, offering a comfortable stay.

While on the tour of Paris, if you have not visited a Bistro (a roadside snack shop) for a cup of coffee or a quick taste of French cuisine, you are missing a whole world of charm. Sitting on the street side, taking in the sun and enjoying the ambience which you probably cannot do elsewhere ..!

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culture trip paris


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