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All About Florence, Italy

Florence is a place that is found in Italy, one of the European countries, and Florence is the capital city of the Italian region. Being the capital city, is also the most populous city in the Italian region which has the approximate population of 367, 569. The geographical location of Florence lies on the Arno River, which is also a known river in their place. Florence has been blessed with its finest arts and architecture, where each work of art has its own importance and history.

The city was also considered as the cradle for the medieval and renaissance ages due to the fact that Florence is rich with such history during such era. Being an ancient city, Florence was later called as the "Athens" of the middle ages, which was long before under the rule of Medici family, the famous and controversial ruler of Florence. Florence being a historical place continues to attract tourists from different countries because of its famous landmarks and beautiful masterpieces.

Aside from these landmarks and masterpieces, Florence is the city where most of the great artists hailed from. It also gave birth to most of the men who greatly influenced human history in every field of human knowledge, art, literature and even philosophy. Found also in Florence, the so called city of flowers, "Florentia", and in this place grew the Renaissance and which started the modernity of the place.

Every day, good numbers of crowds would come to visit Florence, in order to see the city even for a few days time. Anyone who would come to see Florence will be overwhelmed with its huge amount of beauty and culture where you can just see by staring at the different sculptures, architecture, and great work of arts. Truly, Florence is a ancient yet a beautiful city.

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