Asian Fast Fat Loss Secret – Drink Plenty of Water


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Good drinking water is next only to fresh clean air in its importance in sustaining life. If you want to remain healthy and in good physical condition then you need to drink plenty of water each day. This is especially true when you're trying to lose body fat. Most people don't know this but water is essential to fat loss. If you would rather drink soda than water then you can forget about fat loss.

The people of Asia have long known this. That's why they are very careful, not only with what they eat, but also with what they drink. The Asians believe that you are what you eat. They believe that most illnesses can be avoided if you are careful about what you eat or drink.

Here are a few of the things water can do for you:

– Water helps your body digest food

– Water serves as the medium by which food is distributed throughout your body

– Water improves the chemical balance of your body

– Water helps your muscles work harder during intense exercise

– Water regulates and maintains your body temperature

– Water detoxifies your body

– Water lubricates your joints

The Asians have also long known that water curbs your appetite. Now couple this with traditional Asian diet and you can actually go longer periods without feeling hungry. By the way, going without food isn't really a usual Asian practice, but is reserved for religious purposes.

When this way eating first emerged, it swept Asia in a revolution of healthy eating and lifestyle. The traditional Asian diet has been around for thousands of years and has remained virtually unchanged up to this day. It emphasizes the yin and yang or the balance of opposites. Plant foods are considered yang (masculine) and meat is considered yin (feminine). Thus you will see that the Asian food guide pyramid is predominantly yang. This proportion has been studied by ancient sages of Asia who have determined this ratio to be the best for health, maintaining your youthful appearance, attaining your ideal weight and living a long happy life.

To eat a healthy and balanced diet, the Asians believe that you must have at least five different color foods in every meal. You need to focus on vegetables, rice, fruits, roots, nuts, beans, seeds, mushrooms and seaweeds. These are what Asians consider healthy. Meat and fish are seldom taken and are usually served only as side dish. This is how they achieve balance and perfection in their meal.

The Asian pyramid because of its focus on natural foods is rich in nutrients which satisfies hunger. When you concentrate on this diet without neglecting drinking plenty of water each day, you could be well on your way to become fit, slim and healthy for life.

asian food


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