Beers Brewed in Thailand


Thailand contains a long tradition of production, with the primary brew brewed in 1933. Thai beers compare well with a number of the world’s hottest lager beers. Recently, many Thai brews have won high honours at international beer festivals.

Thailand contains a big selection of domestically brewed beers. a number of them like Singha, Chang, and Phuket lager square measure unambiguously Thai. Some square measure brewed underneath licence like Heineken and Tiger. The beers brewed in Asian country square measure chiefly lager beers, that’s mostly due to the climate, with high noon day temperatures usually around thirty degrees uranologist. The relentless heat makes a beer an excellent thirst quencher.

Thailand has 2 major production corporations, Boon Rawd and ThaiBev, and 2 foreign controlled brewers, Asia Pacific (Singapore) brewers of Tiger brew and San Miguel Breweries World Health Organization have a significant share of the Philippines brew market.

Boon Rawd produces Singha, Leo and Thai brew. Singha is Thailand’s oldest brew, and till recently Thailand’s hottest brew. Singha contains a dry style, with a rather bitter when style. Leo is additional malty, with a rather sweeter when style. Thai Beer, a lager, contains a sweet style and a rather hoppy, sweet when style.

ThaiBev produces Chang, Archa and Federbräu. Chang is kind of completely different from Singha, its main rival. it’s a additional full bodied malty style, with a rather dry, slightly bitter when style. A nice, well balanced brew, however less refreshing on a hot day than a number of the lighter beers. it’s a lower cost and better alcohol content (6.4%). Chang is currently the foremost widespread brew in Asian country. It’s quality due, a minimum of partly to its support of Everton team.

ThaiBev conjointly produces Archa, a lighter bodied, lower priced brew. ThaiBev recently introduced whole new} brand Federbräu. it’s one in every of solely 2 Thai beers to be brewed underneath the German production laws. ThaiBev has gone to nice lengths to disguise the beer’s origins, and make a picture of a brew of German origin. The label doesn’t mention ThaiBev, solely mentioning the Cosmos still wherever it’s brewed. it’s supposed to vie directly with Heineken, within the premium brew class. it’s a light-weight tasting, German vogue brew.

Thai Asia Pacific, was fashioned in 1993 by Asia Pacific (Singapore) to brew Heineken underneath licence in Asian country. the corporate conjointly brews the popular Tiger brew underneath licence and recently launched a brand new brew for the Thai market, Cheers. It’s a lighter brew, that has won some awards together with the Monde choice medal for full style and prime quality. The brew has received mixed reviews in Asian country.

San Miguel Breweries manufacture a variety of lager beers. particularly, San Miguel lightweight has become widespread in Asian country. it’s lightweight in style and low in calories, though it’s five-hitter alcohol. it’s become the brew of alternative among Thai girls drinkers, with the promise of fewer calories!

Phuket lager is created by associate freelance Thai brewer, Tropical liquid Company. it’s created with premium ingredients together with German hops, associated is an all-natural brew with no additive or preservatives. Phuket Lager received the primary medal ever for a brew from Asian country, at the 2006 Monde choice Awards. Phuket Lager contains a malty, sweet, sleek style, with a nutty when style. it’s brewed at the San Miguel still underneath the management of Tropical liquid Company.

There’s a decent choice of Thai brewed beers offered to suit all tastes. You’ll realize them in supermarkets and 7/11 corner stores. simply keep in mind the licensing hours in Thailand: alcohol sales square measure allowable between 11:00 and 14:00 (2pm) and from 17:00 (5pm) to time of day. The supermarkets abide by the principles, however you may realize a corner store that may forget to see the time!

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