Camel Safari in Rajasthan – A Soft Adventure in The Desert

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Camel Safari is the ultimate way to sample desert life, explore small villages and see the true grandeur of Rajasthan. Meant for people who have a good fitness level and live an active life, camel rides can be as short as an hour or can stretch up to several weeks, as desired. Riding a camel is not a great endurance test but is not very easy too. The rolling stride of the camel might take some time to getting used to.

The best time for a desert safari in Rajasthan is from October to February but you might be surprised to see with beautiful scenes characterized by the vibrant and colorful lifestyle of the locals all the year round. Generally, Rajasthan Camel Safaris cover 10 to 20 kms in a day on the camel’s back. Camel carts and jeeps usually accompany the caravans to allow tourists to rest and take a nap, whenever required, as well as carry their luggage and tents for the night halts. Campsites for the nights are all situated near small Rajasthani villages, to offer you a glimpse of real desert life and an opportunity to mix with the local people.

You might also be offered traditional performances by local artisans for entertainment. Itineraries might include popular camel safari treks known for tourism that include Jaisalmer and Bikaner, often referred to as the ‘touristic route’. However, some people find these too crowded for their taste and opt for ‘non-touristic route’ instead, offered at Osian, around Pushkar and Shekhawati. Basic camel safaris start at Rs 400. The rates increase in proportion to the comforts you opt for.

There are some things you must keep in mind to make your camel safari a memorable lifetime experience:

o Do not hesitate to ask questions about exactly what is on the offer and whether there are any hidden charges too.

o Make sure that you are hiring only registered camel and jeep drivers during a camel safari. Noting their registration number might mean greater safety for you and your family.

o Make sure that you have a camel of your own during the safari and that you are traveling in groups. It is not advisable to leave camel drivers alone with your luggage while visiting ruins on foot.

o Take a good blanket to cushion your legs and back from camel’s hump. You might also find it useful to save you from cold desert nights.

o Sunscreen, broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and a water bottle with a long strap are must to keep you safe from the scorching desert sun during daytime.

o Last but not the least; do not forget that you eat lightly during the safari. A full stomach can make you feel nauseated during the ride.

Camel safaris are quite romantic though. Sitting around the fire under the starry skies and watching graceful dance movements of the local dancers and listening to haunting desert music is mesmerizing. You can also hear the tinkling bells of flocks of sheep and cattle in late nights and might also get a chance to hear drivers’ yearns and local folklores that are full of medieval chivalry and romances.

Sprinkled with ruins with accompanying historical and mythological legends, camel safari tour of Rajasthan offers you once-in-a-lifetime experience that you cannot afford to miss.

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