Fun Things to Do With Your Family on a Disney Cruise Vacation

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disney family vacation

When embarking on a Disney cruise line vacation with your family most families will not have a shortage of excursions and activities to keep them busy. Even with a slumping economy many travelers are still taking advantage of what Disney has to offer with their cruise lines. Disney cruises continue to be an industry leader in cruise destination choices. Here are some things that you and your family can do when embarking on a Disney cruise vacation whether a destination or on the ship.

1. H2O Splashdown: We all know that many teenagers need their space to do things they enjoy and often times they might not be so excited to be stuck with their parents on a cruise but H20 Splashdown gives them a way to be themselves and just have fun. This exclusive teen pool party will allow your teenager to go and meet other teenagers on the cruise who want to run around and do what teenagers do, have fun. They can take part in poolside games, and hang out while listening to music.

2. Party in Paradise: At the end of the cruise you will have the opportunity to celebrate and hangout with everyone on the ship with all out bash to enjoy one last night on the ship. Finish up your trip by dancing the night away with your new found friends and family.

3. Fitness Center & Spa: For all those parents who might want to go get a massage or get a workout in while their kids might be off running around the ship enjoying themselves there is a fitness center and a spa onboard. Come lift some weights and burn some calories or even get a massage and a facial before you head out for the evening of dancing and dinner.

4. Deck Activities: Some of the deck activities include shuffleboard and ping pong which can keep you and your family busy for hours. These shuffle boards are waxed to perfection and the ping pong tables can keep your kids active and busy for quite some time. With a variety of other deck activities your children and your self will never be bored looking for something to do.

5. Entertainment: Disney cruise line vacations offer a wonderful amount of entertainment on top of all the various activities available to guests. There are a variety of movie theaters available on the ship for viewing either at the pool or traditional theater seating movies. If you want to take your family somewhere away from the sun for a few hours but don’t feel like heading back to your room a movie will be a nice relaxing alternative.

disney family vacation


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