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There are many destinations and adventures that await with African vacations. Africa in probably the most diverse continent for variations in wildlife, bird species, and cultures in the world, the second being Australia and New Zealand. Here the continent of Africa has devoted vast tracks of land to National Parks, and wildlife preserves, with some of these being as large if not bigger than Texas and Alaska. Countries such as Botswana, Tanzani, South Africa, and Kenya, devoting their time and efforts to the conservation and preservation of wildlife. There are many different endangered and threatened species that owe their salvation to these people.

You can find many different types of African Vacations to choose from. There are adventures in Egypt, where you can experience not only the Great Pyramids, but also travel down the Nile, as well as many other sites in this country. There are African Safaris of all different kinds, with guided adventures through some of this continents most beautiful wonders. You can participate in an Eco-safari, where you can not only see much of the wildlife, but also have a once in a life time opportunity to live and learn about native tribes, their everyday activities, culture, and hopes and dreams. There are other vacation opportunities, especially for those that like to get their hands dirty, working with local tribes and conservationists to improve and help develop preserves and National Parks.

There are so many different parks and preserves that you could take many African vacations and not see them all. There are over a dozen in Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa alone, and measures are being taken to connect some smaller park systems into Transcontinental parks, breaking down barriers, and adding connecting corridors to link them together. Even now, there are vacation opportunities for tours through these parks, both that you can do in a vehicle on your own, or by guides who are natives to the area. There are even some centers that have reopened their doors, allowing tourists a chance to see some of the most elusive endangered animals up close and personal.

For an example, in Rwanda, Parc National Des Volcans is available for Eco-tourism in a limited access. If you are not familiar with this National Park, this is the Park where Dian Fossey, ‘Gorillas in the Mist,’ lost her life trying to protect these gentle and majestic animals from poachers. The Dian Fossey research station has now been reopened, with the help of the Gorilla Fund International, and you can come here with a permit and see gorillas, and chimpanzees, as well as 14 other species of primates, in their natural habitat, under the guidance of park conservationists. You may even catch a rare glimpse of the endangered forest elephant. This is a once in a life time experience.

There are many different lodging accommodations in these parks and preserves. They offer many of the same amenities offered at luxury hotels, restaurants, and shopping, but also offer so much more. Where else will you be able to experience seeing wildebeests, buffalo, and antelope, as well as so many others right from the comforts of your room. These places also offer many other opportunities to see all the big animals that Africa is famous for, lions, elephants, giraffe, zebras, as well as an abundance of species of birds and plant life. There are private excursions to some of the most remote locations in these parks, as well as night adventures where you can witness large and small carnivores hunting.

There are many other African Vacation opportunities as well, both inland, as well as on the coast. You can go white water rafting, fishing, and even see a variety of different marine animals, including whales, dolphins, and even great white sharks. There are 4X4 adventures, nature hikes, and many, many others.

For more information on these and other African vacations, the best place to go is online. There are an abundance of Eco-tourism websites available, for you, your family, or groups of people. Remember, because part of Africa is below the equator, the Summers there are at the end and the beginning of the year. There are some other things to remember as well. You need to book your safaris and accommodations early, many of them fill up fast and have a long waiting list. While tourists of all ages are welcome, make sure that you or you family members are going to be able to handle weather conditions, as well as physical exertion.

adventure vacations usa


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