Keep Your Team Looking Classy When You Travel to Games


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The way your team presents themselves matters, both on and off the field. Keeping them looking classy when you travel is a great idea. It shows team unity and it also makes an impression on all who see you. The team may be stopping for the bathroom, for food, for hotels, and when they get off the bus where the event is held.

No matter where they stop, you want them to present themselves as a team. They should take pride in their behavioiur as well as in their appearance. With custom ties, you have a nice accessory that makes a wonderful finishing touch! Such items are offered for both genders and in a variety of styles as well as colours.


Being able to create the look you want is part of the fun with custom ties. You may have a team logo or slogan you can have put on them. You can also get them embroidered with the names of the players or their numbers. Allow the team to come up with ideas for the design and then vote on them. This will help you to select on that all of them are going to be content to wear.


You will find plenty of colours offered with custom ties. You can select a solid color or you can get one with stripes or dots if you have more than one colour for your team. It is common for most teams to have two colours. Make sure the shade of the colours are going to blend well with the rest of the uniform they wear as they travel too.

The products should be well made and that will help to guard against fading. Since custom ties are inexpensive, it doesn’t make sense to cut corners with something that is cheaply made and it isn’t going to hold up well. Pick a product that looks great now as well as after it has been worn quite often by the players.


There is no shortage of types of materials to pick from for the custom ties either. You may want something that is shiny and gets attention such as silk or satin. You may desire something that is low key and easy to wash such as cotton or a cotton blend. Evaluate the look and feel of such materials to help you make a final decision.


You can go with a full length, half length, or ¾ length with custom ties. Think about the rest of the articles of clothing that will be worn with them and what will look best. You want it to blend nicely as an accessory. You don’t want it to seem out of place.

Style of Tie

There are also plenty of styles when it comes to such items. For example, a full-length tie that has to be tied in a knot. There are also clip on options and even the bow tie type. Take a look at all of them to decide what your team will look the best in. You may decide on the style based on the gender of your players too.


The prices will vary depending on what you buy, the materials they are made from, and who you buy them from. Look for a quality product made from great materials that will be durable and last for the entire season. If they start to look worn out, it will put a damper on that classy style you would like your players to convey when they travel for events.

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