List of Places to Visit in Melbourne Australia


australia places to visit

Melbourne Australia varies quite a bit from her sister cities in the land down under. Melbourne did not begin as a prison settlement but rather as a planned and organized excursion into building of a city proper. The original grid was laid out in 1837 and although 172 years have passed the blueprint has shown consistency. The modern city of Melbourne certainly offers pleasures for everyone. There is so much to see and do. Lets review some of the best places to visit in Melbourne Australia.

Some of the best places to visit in Melbourne Australia would be Melbourne Central, the St James Old Cathedral, and Melbourne’s vibrant suburbs like St Kilda, Richmond, Williamstown, Brunswick and South Yarra. The Melbourne Observation Deck – Rialto Towers is also a must see. Another great place to visit would be Federation Square. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Zoo and Sovereign Hill, Ballarat are also great destinations. Melbourne’s Bays and Peninsulas are also a superb place to visit and relax.

A visit to Melbourne would be considered fruitless if one would not visit Melbourne Central. Home to some 200 shops, restaurants, and small quaint cafes this area is ideal for the shopping experience of a lifetime. The thrilling villages of Melbourne offer excitement and diversity. St Kilda offers bayside playgrounds while Williamstown displays the picturesque waterfront. Richmond is multicultural while Brunswick and South Yarra are hip and electric. All offer great shops and cafes, trendy bars and outstanding restaurants and lovely boutiques. The Melbourne Observation Deck – Rialto Towers offers you the breathtaking view of a lifetime as you stand atop this 253 – metre – high Rialto Towers. This is one of the most famous images in all of Melbourne. Federation Square is not to be ignored on any visit. This area is combined of an entire city block and offers fabulous shops, restaurants and cultural desires. The Royal Botanic Gardens offers more than 12,000 species of plants that presents a natural home for native wildlife. The Melbourne Zoo opened in 1862 and was Australia’s first zoo. More than a million visitors visit this magnificent zoo each year. Sovereign Hill, Ballarat is a theatrically recreates Australia’s historic gold rush days.

Of course many come to Melbourne to relax and play on the Bays and Peninsulas, which offer beautiful beaches, great golf courses, wonderful wineries, an abundance of wildlife and national parks all with a coastal view that will leave you with memories that will stand the test of time. While in Melbourne you will want to check out the museums and galleries as well. There is certainly something for everyone in this ultra modern city. Whether you enjoy shopping at the various shops throughout Melbourne or are better relaxed laying on a sandy beach this city can accommodate you. You will find it very difficult to find a city of such stature that will welcome you with such open arms as the city of Melbourne Australia, the gem of the South Pacific.

australia places to visit


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