Luggage Sets: What To Look For When Comparing Luggage Sets For Travel


travel luggage sets

A great luggage set is a significant investment which you will want to serve your needs for many years. A cheap set will not be a bargain if it causes you grief as you travel, so let’s look at the major features you will need in a luggage set that will really suit your needs.

1. Quality of workmanship. Although this may seem obvious, you will have to look carefully at the article to see whether the construction is really robust. Cheap imitations always look strong until you actually check out how the zip is sewn in, whether the seams are sealed or double sewn, and how well attached the handles might be. Luggage does receive some rough handling, so it is important to choose a luggage set that can take the knocks and scuffing without real damage or bursting open.

2. Useful features. A good choice in luggage will include features that you can really use. If there are wheels or castors, do they roll smoothly and quietly? Does the handle extend sufficiently to make it easy to pull the case along? Is there a second handle on the longer side of the luggage? Are there security features such as locks on the zip openings? Are there label holders built in to the exterior of the case, and is the interior well laid out with good sized compartments, pockets and strapping?

3. Airport friendly. Since much travel these days is by air, a good luggage set will be compatible with how the airlines ‘process’ baggage for their customers. For example, many airlines have a standard size limit on the sort of luggage they will permit in the cabin, and in the hold, so you will want a luggage set that fits in with these modern regulations. It is also normal to have to retrieve your own travel bags from the airport terminal’s carousel, and it helps immensely if your luggage is easily identifiable. The recent trend of stylishly patterned luggage sets really help here, whether it is a Disney print for children’s luggage, or a unique color theme for an adult’s set; you want your luggage to stand out so that you can claim it immediately and be on your way.

4. Finally, you will want to see that the extra details have not been forgotten. Is the set very light, so that you can cart it around all day without fatigue? Is there a warranty? Can it be repaired by a qualified person? Is the exterior waterproof, the interior padded? Because quality luggage sets can be expensive, many cheaper alternatives are now in the market competing for the purchaser’s money, but it is the extra attention to detail that often sorts the mass produced item from the elite product. The cheaper luggage set may do for a few trips, but choosing quality will give you a long lasting, stylish set of cases you will be proud to own.

travel luggage sets


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