What Is It Like Teaching Abroad As A Certified TEFL Teacher?


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Not only that but also thinking about earning a living by working in a foreign country can be enough to give you anxiety and push you to seek tremendous relief by abandoning the project. Leaving familiar surrounding and the family nest is never easy but at the same time, teaching abroad as a certified TEFL Teacher can be a rewarding and an exciting career. Learning more about TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) will most likely shed new light on the subject and attenuate the fear of the unknown.

There are various reasons why people decide to embark and leave the comfort of their homes in order to teach abroad as a certified TEFL Teacher. Some might see teaching English abroad as a win-win situation, a state of mind and heart that provide mutual benefits. You also have the opportunity to discover a new culture. Some may simply need a change of scenery. Others will take this opportunity to try to save money to travel or pay off some debt. Finally, many people decide to teach English abroad as a certified TEFL Teacher simply because it is new, exciting and different from the daily routine.

The most obvious skill that one must possess is either being an English native speaker or able to speak English fluently. For example, to teach English abroad, it’s preferable to be from Canada, America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. If you come from a non-English speaking country, you might require an English-taught degree or prove that you are fluent in the English language.

To insure a good job overseas as a TEFL teacher, you will need to take an online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course from a reputable teaching English abroad institution.

You will need also to decide where exactly you want to teach the English language as a TEFL teacher. Lifestyle, culture, landscapes, money, living conditions, etc., are all factors to decide where you want to teach English. Among the English teachers around the world, it is generally known that South Korea is the place where you can save the most money due to the low cost of living.

Look into a few specific factors when deciding on teaching abroad as a certified TEFL Teacher. First, you have to look into the security of the country. This does not mean just reading the newspaper articles to determine the security of the country, but rather getting in touch with people who have been or are currently stationed there. Second, you need to know what the salary is, as compared to living expenses. Then know what benefits will be given to you in each country. The number of vacation days, hours of work, overtime pay, accommodation costs and theft indemnity must all be examined. In South Korea, they pay for your incoming flight and at the completion of a one year contract they will also pay to fly you back home. They will also give you a full month’s salary bonuses at the end of the year, as well as the remuneration of your apartment for the entire year.

Teaching English abroad can be challenging and rewarding, you must keep in mind a few things that will come in handy while teaching English abroad as a Certified TEFL Teacher:

1 – Engage in the culture of your chosen country.

2 – Be open to meeting people from all over the world.

3 – Take control over your experience. Have fun while you teach English to foreigners, make it interesting and rewarding. You will come home from this adventure sharing those great moments you experienced with your friends and family

Teaching English abroad as a certified TEFL Teacher, what salary to expect?

Teaching can be challenging and rewarding, especially when you have a chance to take your skills abroad to teach English. Not only are you able to teach your mother tongue to international students, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture while earning a good living. Many positions are available, ranging from Central America to Europe and Asia. The salaries varies depending on the country and the level of certification and experience.

TESOL / TEFL Salaries

Teaching English to speakers of other languages, or TESOL, is a popular certification for teaching English abroad, and salaries may vary depending on the location. In Mexico for example, TESOL teachers can earn on average anywhere from $ 500 to $ 1,000 per month, while those in Costa Rica earn a similar salary, with an average of $ 400 to $ 700 per month. In higher cost of living regions, as in the Netherlands or Japan, wages are of a higher range, anywhere from $ 2,000 to $ 3700 per month. A TEFL, or teaching English as a foreign language, certification offers similar salaries.

ESL Salaries

As for ESL, or English as a second language, certification is often reserved for teaching the English language to immigrants in the US, it can also be used to work abroad. In general, teaching English abroad can pay between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 a month, according to the Centre for English Language Communication. On the other hand, if you want to teach English as a certified ESL teacher in Taiwan or Dubai, salaries are much higher. For example, an English as a second language teacher in Taiwan can earn between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000 a month, while English as a second language teachers in Dubai averaged $ 3,200 to $ 5,000 per month.

Transport for TEFL

In addition to a salary and benefits, many companies pay for transportation to the country. Some programs, however, only allocate funding for a return flight, such as programs in Korea, Dubai and Japan.

overseas adventure travel africa


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