The Best Spots for a Relaxing Vacation in Malaysia


All of us need a break from life on occasion; what better way to do so than touring the best spots for a relaxing vacation in Malaysia?

When vacations are being planned, most of us generally don't look farther than common tourism spots in Europe. If you really want to experience the best in vacationing, consider Malaysia, the land of the most magnificent beaches and natural beauty! We've outlined some of the best spots that are sure to provide a relaxing experience that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon.

Taman Negara – The Ancient Rainforest
The natural beauty that the land houses manages to bewitch tourists as soon as they set foot in the land. One of Malaysia's foremost attractions is Taman Negara, literally translated as 'national park'. One of the oldest rainforests in the world, Taman Negara attracts visitors from all over the world. The forest itself is a sight to behold; add to the mix the fact that it is a haven to many endangered species of animals. Sighting of elephants, leopards, deer, and even rhinos have been reported, making the rainforest all the more exciting for tourists.

Langkawi – The 99 Island Archipelago
Often touted as the best spot for a relaxing vacation in Malaysia, Langkawi is a huge chain of islands known for its enthralling beaches and luxury hotels. The location is the most heavily promoted tourism spot in the country due to its interesting formation. All the islands are lined with white sand beaches, with the interior being covered by dense forestry and craggy mountain peaks. Langkawi is bound to take one's breath away at first sight!

The Mulu Caves
The incredible Mulu Caves are located in a mountainous rainforest setting, and are an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts. The Mulu cave formation houses caverns of incredible size and an eerie beauty, thus ensuring its inclusion in every list of best spots for a relaxing vacation in Malaysia. The Sarawak chamber in one of the underground caves requires a special mention due to its significance of being the largest cave chamber in the world! The chamber is so huge that it can easily house 40 full size jumbo jets without even the wings overlapping each other. Be sure to include the Mulu caves in your list of places to visit while vacationing in Malaysia.

Kek Lok Si – The Temple of Supreme Bliss
Aside from the natural attractions of Malaysia, the country also includes places of immense cultural and religious significance. A prime cultural attraction in Penang is the revered Buddhist temple of Kek Lok Si, the largest Buddhist temple in South Asia. While the temple is a popular retreat for monks striving for immortality, its beauty and spiritual appeal attracts hordes of tourists every year. If the temple piques your curiosity, be sure to visit during the Chinese New Year celebrations since the temple is adorned with thousands of colorful lanterns during this time.

Concluding our list of some of the best spots for a relaxing vacation in Malaysia, be sure to consider a visit to the country if you're planning a vacation.