Top Tourist Attractions in Karachi, Pakistan


Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. The country’s financial hub and biggest city, Karachi is home to a massive population of 18 million. Karachi’s population include people from all corners of Pakistan who reach this big city seeking jobs, quality education or just a better living standard. This diversity has given Karachi popular local term of Mini Pakistan. Karachi’s beauty lies in its diversity. Karachi is like a rainbow whose beauty lies in its different colors. This wide diversity in population has given Karachi an identity of its own which differentiates it from other cities of Pakistan as well as making it one of the most interesting places on the globe.

Karachi is a tourist paradise. Karachi provides wide varieties of tour opportunities which can entice tourists from all parts of the world. Escape from the sheer cold winds of the Europe and Americas and relax on the warm and sunny beaches of Karachi. Or explore the underwater world or discover nature at the beautiful islands. There is so much to do and so much to see that you can not get enough of this wonderful cities. Karachi’s major tourist attraction are its beautiful beaches. Karachi is home to one of the most beautiful shorelines in the world. Karachi has a number of great beaches for beach lovers. Each beach has its own story. Clifton Beach is the most famous of the beaches of Karachi. It was one of the most popular silver sand beaches in the world before an oil spill in 2003. Clifton has the tallest water fountain in the world which is a great sight to see at night. Hawkes bay is another famous beach which is famous as the breeding ground for rare sea turtles. Then there is Paradise Point which is popular for its natural rock arch. In addition to beautiful beaches, Karachi is also home to historical landmarks of Pakistan. The most important is the Tomb of the Quaid, the founder of the nation. Mohatta Palace and Wazir Mansion are other must see landmarks.

Karachi’s diverse population has not produced a diverse cuisine for the city. The cuisine of Karachi has tastes from the valleys of Khyber Pashtunkhwa to the green plains of the Punjab and from the low lying areas of Sindh to the dry plateaus of Balochistan. Karachi is the best place to experience the best blend of different southeast Asian cuisines. If you’re a food lover than Karachi is the place to fulfill your hunger. In addition to the local delicious foods, Karachi is also home to plenty of high class restaurants serving dishes from all over the globe.


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