Various Kinds of Clothing in Pakistan


Pakistan today has a lot of cultures embedded into it. And clothing reveals the differences in cultures. The west has also influenced the clothing of our society at large and many outlets are now available which cater to this desire of the masses rather than the national dress of the country. However, there is still an existing majority still prevalent in the country which sticks to shalwar kameez, Pakistanis national dress. These dresses are mostly looked for and worn during eastern occasions and events which include weddings and festivals like Eid. A lot of clothing seems to be imported from India or Pakistani dresses have simulated Indian designs considerably.

Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. Shalwars are loose trousers which have now transformed into a variety of designs and styles. Originally shalwars were those which were flared from the ankles and had decoration or cutwork or embroidery done at the ends. But today fashion has evolved the look of shalwars altogether. Shalwars are now the narrow ones from the ankle.

The dress has a very traditional appeal to it and men and women are looking forward to wearing them during traditional occasions. It is also mostly desired because one tends to fight the most comfort wearing them. Shalwars are tied at the waist with the help of a drawstring or elastic. It is not very fitting, it rather rather very loose and baggy. However, fitting shalwars are also available which are most commonly known as chuuridars. This style has been adopted from the Indian culture.

Kameez is a large and loose fitting tunic worn with a loose shalwar. Men and women wear the same clothes with only the difference in colors and designs and fittings. Laces, embroidery add a feminine touch to the clothes. They also have a dupatta with the dress. Dupattas are long pieces of cloth available with the shalwar kameez since the colors and patterns are coordinated. Women also wear scarves, which is a head cover, or shawls with the shalwar kameez. A lot of materials are available for such clothing; from cotton to lawn to chiffon and so on and so forth.

Sherwani is known as an Indian dress. They are in custody of the design since the 18th century. But now it has also become the national dress for men in Pakistan. Very recently it has also become very popular amongst women in the country. Sherwani is traditionally a long coat worn with a shalwar. The fabric used for this dress is essentially heavy.

Another dress gaining popularity at recent is an achkan. It also started from India in the 19th century, but it paved its way into Pakistan as well. It is a long jacket which has long sleeves. The coat goes down all the way to one's knees. But now the trend has changed and the coats are going down, even lower.

As much as the dresses have been imported from India, western designs have also made their way. The demand for the latter is rather increasing twice but traditional clothing is still existent in the modern age as well.